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Pamela Soper Photography

Not your average School Pictures!

We pride ourselves in the fact that we take school pictures that actually look like studio portraits. They are photos that parents, grandparents and friends would actually display. In other words, they are not your average school pictures. We take time to ensure that each child is comfortable and relaxed, so their photos reflect a happy little person. We take more than just one, quick shot because we know that not every child is going to smile right away. We work with the children until we are happy, and know that the parents will also be delighted with the pictures. 

We do not ask parents to pre-pay for photos they have not seen, and we offer proofs for the parents to choose their favorite, or even more than one favorite. Our turn-around time is very fast, usually 2-3 weeks.

We have package collections to meet every family's needs. Our collections start with the basic package at $19, and we even offer CDs of the images for those who prefer to have their own prints made. We send all of our printing out to a professional photography lab for the finest prints available. 

We can also offer a percentage of the profits back to the school when the school portrait session is used as a school fundraiser.

Please consider our photography business for your school pictures. You will enjoy happy little faces for years to come. 

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