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Pamela Soper Photography

Q - How long have you been in business?

A - Our studio was established in Stafford, VA in 2009 as a brick and mortar studio. We have since moved to the Outer Banks in NC, where we have a smaller scale indoor studio, but a much larger outdoor studio (i.e. the beach).

Q - Where do you shoot?

A - We have always preferred natural light photography, and even use it in the indoor studio with 3 walls being windows. However, we have all of the photography lights we could ever need just in case. We also have large backdrops and floors in many colors and sizes for individuals, as well as families. We even have an exposed brick wall in the studio as a beautiful backdrop as well.

When the weather permits, we love shooting in our backyard, which is on a canal with a large grass area, and a dock. In season, we also have a blooming arbor and shady pathways for photos. We also love taking large groups, family generational photos, teens, and engagements at the beach in a few well-chosen, tried-and-true locations. *Please note: Currently during Covid, we are only shooting sessions outdoors.

Q - When do you do sessions?

A - Since our "studio" is a cozy indoor studio when the weather doesn't permit beach sessions, and a very large outdoor studio when the weather is great. This allows us to do photo sessions year-round.

Q - What are your prices, and what do they include?

A - Our prices depend upon the length of the session, the number of people, and the number of photos you are looking for. In other words, if it is a birthday session for one child, and you are looking for a few beautiful portraits, the session will not take as long as a large family reunion session where we would take the large group photo, as well as each individual family, as well as each child. In this case, each individual family would receive images of their family and children, in addition to the whole group images. Please contact us with your individual needs to receive a price quote.

Q - How many images will we receive?

A - Again, the number of images on your flash drive will depend upon your particular session as explained above.

Q - Do we receive every photo that you take?

A - No, I delete any duplicates, images out of focus, images with eyes closed, and any which I shoot off to check focus and light. The rest of the images which I deem worthy will be edited and added to your flash drive. There are always plenty!

Q - Do you take all of the pictures yourself?

A - I am the main photographer, however, when it is a very large group, I often use a second shooter for the sake of time. I never like to have people waiting for long, especially small children. My husband is also a videographer, and upon request, he can take (staged, or candid) video at your session.

If you have further questions, please write and ask. We are always happy to work with you to fulfill your dreams.

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