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Pamela Soper Photography

EXTRAS: (These items below are available to add on to your session)
Printable, High-resolution image(s) on flash drives with print rights (will print up to an 8x10):
1 high-resolution image and print rights, $79 (Please note, this is one image on a flash drive.
3 high-resolution images and print rights Spring Sale $159
reg. $235 
6 high-resolution images from your session Spring Sale $259
reg. $470

12 high-resolution images from your session, Spring Sale $499
reg. $945
25 high-resolution images from your session, Spring Sale $799
Extra gift copies of the same CD/flash drive may be added for $49

Music Video-

We will set your usable images (up to 35) to a beautiful background with music in a view-only video for you to enjoy for years to come. This is the most economical way to own and view your beautiful images! Spring Special $79

We keep all of the sessions archived for approximately 10 years just in case you should need another copy of your flash drive at some point. There is a $50 retrieval fee after 30 days, to pull up the images and burn a new flash drive. We can do that for you, but it is always more fun to actually print your images so you can view them, and share them for years to come.

 Prints  ~  We use a professional photo lab, who use the best photo paper and image printing methods for your photos. You will not get the same quality from the print machines at the local drug store or discount stores. Their machines are not calibrated to the lighting and colors that I use for your disc. Our pro labs guarantee the quality of the photos they print to be the exact color and density of the actual images taken. The same holds true for any media that we have printed for you, Photo Books, Canvases, larger wall portraits, Christmas cards or Announcements, or Print Collections:

Our Print Collections:
Print collections may be printed in Glossy or Satin, or Satin with a canvas texture, and are great ideas for gift-giving!
Please note - There is a minimum order of $125 if not ordered with a session.
Gift Prints:
1 - 4x6, $15.00
1 -5x7, $15.00
4 wallets (all same), $15.00
1- 8x10, $25.00
Framable Wall Portrait Prints: 
11 x 14 print, Best Deal, $50
12 x 16 Print, $95
16 x 20 Print, $100 
20 x 24 Print, $125 
24 x 30 Print, $150
Stretched Canvases:
Stretched canvases come in a variety of sizes. Our most popular sizes are listed below:
16 x 20 or 16 x 24 canvas - reg. $125, Spring Special only, $79 each
Other sizes and prices are available upon request. 
Photo Books:
Photo Books are a great way to display all of your favorite images in one high-quality book for one amazing price.
This is a hardcover 12 x 12 bound book with up to 45 of your beautiful photos printed crystal-clear on durable paper.
Each page may hold one full-page photo or several smaller photos with coordinating, or themed backgrounds. It is a fun way to take your photos with you to share with family and friends. 
Your price $199
Extra copy of the same book $99, Spring Special $79 (Great for gifts)
Once you have made your choices of images and collection/photo book/prints, please email or call me with the image numbers and we will proceed from there. I always want to insure that you are going to receive exactly what you want.
Shipping may, or may not be included in the above prices depending upon your session package.
Thank you again for choosing Pamela Soper Photography.
(Prices as stated here unless otherwise in writing. Prices may change at any time.)
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