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Pamela Soper Photography

Hi, I’m Pam of Pamela Soper Photography. 

I began studying Art long ago in elementary school. My interest in Art continued in high school, and on through college. I think I have always created art in some shape or form, painted, drawings, ceramics, jewelry-making, and of course, photography. I got my first camera when I was 10, and it was love at first snap. I can remember my parents buying me rolls of film and warning me that it was going to take all of my allowance to  have them printed. One of my uncles was a professional photographer, and a great influence in my life. 
I have traveled the world, visiting museums, cathedrals and castles, viewing the very art that I studied in school. I have combined this interest in fine art with my love of photography. I see the same light and color balances, perspectives and meaning in photography as in paintings. I am always striving to improve my skills by attending conferences, seminars, classes and workshops. I am a member of the Professional Photographers Association (PPA), and a past member of the Virginia Professional Photographers Association (VPPA). I have a close relationship with fellow photographers, with whom I share ideas and keep current. 
On a personal level, I am married to the love of my life, and we have 5 grown children and 9 grandchildren . I am also a retired elementary school teacher and administrator, with many fun years of experience. When it comes to working with young children, teens and families, I am right in my element. I have a lot of patience, and a talent for connecting with my subject to get that perfect smile or expression. I like to have fun in our sessions, and want it to be a great experience for everyone involved. I think that comes through in my photos. 
We live the Outer Banks in NC. We live on a canal with our boat in the backyard, plus assorted kayaks, SUP boards, and a paddleboat. We have enhanced our gardens, arbors and ponds for photos here, but often drive the 1/2 mile to the beach for a photo session on the sand. If you have a special place where you would rather have your session, we’re always up for something new. 
I want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease during our session. Sometimes, when you least expect it, I will catch the shot of the day! Most of all, I am so very honored to be a part of turning your special memories into forever keepsakes. I love making new forever friends, and am grateful and appreciative to my faithful returning clients/friends, and hope to make you a part of that fun group!
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